SPARC is a voluntary organization of teachers and students from Haripur University, working for peace and conflict resolution. SPARC is initiated by Dr. Muhaimin, Head of Islamic Studies Department at Haripur University in the wake of the success of PEF’ 6-week certification for madrasah teachers at Haripur university during the year 2013-15.
Dr. Abdul Muhimin coordinated this project and also delivered sessions to madrasah teachers. Dr. Muhmin wants to channelize his efforts on peace-building. Dr. Muhimin discussed his idea with President of PEF Mr. Azhar Hussain and subsequently the SPARC was initiated. At initial stages campus-based activities for students on peace-building were organized under SPACR.
Society for Peace and Resolution of Conflicts (SPARC) comprises of a body of 25 members including teachers and students. 300 Students have membership with SPARAC.  The purpose of this initiative is to channelize joint efforts of university and madrasah youth in promoting peace, to raise awareness and respect for diversity, and to work for conflict resolution. The university youth has been positively mobilized and now working for the promotion of peace and tolerance.
The SPARC members has yearly plan to celebrate Peace Weeks, Smile Weeks, Good Manners Weeks, Tolerance Weeks, Respect for diversity Weeks, Service to Humanity Weeks, and Peace through Sports.
A two week joint activities program by university and madrasah students including a ‘Cleanliness Week’ was organized in the Haripur University by the Madrasah Students and SPARC Volunteers (12th -26th  Feb, 2016 ) and interactive discussion between university-madrasah students were made part of the activities. SPARC volunteers are also visiting different schools and madrasahs to work for spread message of Peace.