Interfaith Leadership Network

Interfaith Leadership Network (ILN), launched in January 2014, is a groundbreaking initiative to enhance the ability of interfaith religious leaders to cooperate for peaceful coexistence among diverse groups.

Religious and interfaith leaders have a unique role to help in building a harmonious society.  In particular, interfaith initiatives led by respected religious leaders can play a key role in promoting peaceful coexistence and cooperation among different faith groups, building tolerant and prosperous societies, and contributing to international peace and stability.

Pakistani religious and interfaith leaders are well-positioned to play a powerful role in peacebuilding, mutual respect, and cooperation between their respective populations.  PEF, in collaboration with international organizations, has created a new Interfaith Leadership Network (ILN) of high-level, influential Pakistani religious and interfaith leaders in order to:

  1. Create personal and professional relationships among Pakistani and western religious/interfaith leaders geared toward cross-cultural collaborative action in their respective countries;
  2. Develop capacity-building initiatives to enhance interfaith and intercultural relations and reduce religious intolerance;
  3. Enhance the role of religion and religious leaders in addressing conflict and peacebuilding, both within and between Pakistan and western countries; and
  4. ILN will build upon interfaith dialogue in facilitating collaborative interreligious action.

The Network was launched at a three-day Forum for high-level Pakistani religious and interfaith leaders—representing diverse religious communities and areas of expertise—to share ideas, expertise and concerns, and to begin developing relationships, partnerships, and collaborative action plans to address important issues and build mutual capacity.