PEF’s program objectives are to:
  1. encourage expansion of the public schools and madrasah institutions’ educational curriculums to include the scientific and social disciplines, with a special emphasis on religious tolerance and human rights;
  2.  encourage the adoption of pedagogical techniques that can promote critical thinking and peace building skills among the students and religious leaders;
  3. teach conflict resolution and dialogue facilitation skills amongst community and religious leaders;
  4.  build bridges with higher education institutions for sustaining the madrasah enhancement; and
  5.  conduct and facilitate training workshops to provide skills training to imams and religious leaders.  To-date, PEF has trained over 4,000 madrasah leaders throughout Pakistan.  We are facilitating and conducting interfaith skills training for inter- and intra-faith leaders, imam training program for Muslim religious leaders and university certification program for madrasah students in various parts of Pakistan.