Connecting the Dots: Education and Religious Discrimination in Pakistan


“Connecting the Dots: Education and Religious Discrimination in Pakistan” is an in-depth study examining the Pakistani public schools and madrasah educational system for prejudice and discriminatory content pertaining to religious minorities.  More than 100 textbooks were analyzed, and over 550 madrasah and public school teachers and students were interviewed. The study found systemic and widespread prejudice against religious minorities and provides recommendations to overcome the problem.


Engaging Global Faith Leaders and their Institutions


PEF founder and president has been engaging the faith leaders for the last nine years in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Egypt to bring lasting peace through building trust and interfaith dialogue. PEF have launched full-scale programs of collaboration with Pakistani religious leaders and institutions with the Turkish religious institutions to promote modernization, Islamic Scholars Exchange and peacebuilding programs. Similar research and scholarly programs are being developed between Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries (i.e. Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia).


Research Study of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Public School Textbooks

This research study, endorsed and supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Education, deals with:

  • The biases that currently exist within the public school textbooks towards other faiths and ethnicities and,
  • How the Ministry of Education could respond to reducing these biases within the textbooks and in the overall educational system.